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LCD Display Modules and Development Tools

Displaytech offers a wide variety of standard display products to meet the requirements of your specific application whether it is for an industrial, medical, or consumer product. We offer a wide range of small scaled LCDs including resistive-touch and capacitive-touch TFT modules, monochrome graphic displays, character LCD modules, segmented TN LCDs, and custom LCDs. Our standard products are individually unique due to the display technology, diagonal size or integrated display controller.

Our LCD Products

Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display

Capacitive Touch TFT Displays

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TFT LCD Display Modules

TFT LCD Displays

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Dot Matrix LCDs and COG Graphic Display Modules

Graphic Display Modules

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Character Modules

Character LCD Displays

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Integrated TFT Driver Boards

Integrated TFT Driver Boards

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HDMI TFT Displays

HDMI Displays

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Development Boards

Development Boards

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Embedded TFT Devices

Embedded TFT Devices

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