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Upgrade from DT070BTFT

Dear Support,

since the DT070BTFT is going obsolete, we are upgrading our systems to the DT070DTFT, as it is considered the drop-in replacement. In the datasheet, there is written that the touch screen chip I2C address is 0x70. The old one was at address 0x38. Is it true that the address has been changed? Beacuse this is not "drop-in".

Thank you



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February 20, 2020


For the I2C address, the address are the same between the DT070DTFT-IPS-HB-PTS and DT070BTFT-PTS1.

I2C address is 0x38 = 7’b0111000 excluding the read/write bit. This translates to an actual address byte value 0x70 for write operation, and 0x71 for read operation, after the R/W bit is added (i.e. 8'b01110000 and 8'b01110001).