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supporting Displaytech DT035BTFT-PTS on STM32F4/TouchGFX/FreeRTOS..

hello, i'm working on embedded design with capacitive touch UI based on STM32F4 / FreeRTOS / TouchGFX and i plan to purchase this 3.5 display from some distributor like RS:

during schematic design, i found out this product page: where it's said there's an electric "reference schematic" available.

i wrote to support and Elizabeth told me to post the request here, can you put the schematic application note or "best practice" here on line

as i said above, my use case is to connect the display & touch ctrl to a STM32F429 in "RGB mode" with 18 data pins with the TouchGFX library.

does anybody has experience in integration with such a SW framework? i mean the "init string" to be sent to the display controller.. it looks like a NV3035C, right?

finally, is the Touch controller source code ( provided here ) tested and/or compatible on TouchGFX/FreeRTOS environment?




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May 6, 2019


It appears that you recieve all the example code for Linux, Android and Bare Metal micro-controller that we have.

You may want to consider the following post:

It seems like it would be an easy software port to "STM32F4 / FreeRTOS / TouchGFX".

As for the display, we do not have a "init" string (or example schematic) to send the contoller.  This is a RGB interface, and the Driver IC datasheet provides the detailed RGB timing that you setup on your hardware.

Maybe someone in the community has what you are looking for.