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LCD burn in


i designed a product that includes a DT022ctft LCD and now i have approximately 50 to 60 products in the field for about a year and a half and on some of them, an LCD burn-in appeared. Since its a high precision environmental sensing system, the display displays same image all the time, except with few values that change on the GUI. 

Can i prevent burn-in simply by periodically turning off backlight (for example, for 5s every 5min) or do i have to actually change color of the individual pixels or simply reseting whole display?


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January 11, 2021


Please see the following white paper, which also applies to smaller displays.

Turning off the backlight is good, to save the backlight LEDs.  However, it does not address image persistence, as this a function of the TFT driver.  You could turn off the TFT driver (which is a "power" command for the ILI9341).