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INTS070 LCD auto initialize override

Dear Support,

1) Is there any way to deactivate the auto init process and thereby not having to wait 1 second with feeding user defined init commands to the units?

2) Can the unit be operating without +5V on the backlight connection  (pin 38). Will the unit be damaged by having the display initialized but without backlight power?

I am trying to get the LCD started without showing the white noise for about 1 second on power up.

Greatful for any advice

Tommy Andersen


engineering_seacomp's picture
March 26, 2018


I believe you are referring to the "INT070ATFT", but you are posting in the DT070ATFT Forum.  I will answer anyway.

1)  No, I applogize.  There is no way to bypass the auto init process.

2) The BL is seperate from the TFT.  You can power it independently.

You may choose to init the INT, then turn the backlight on later (possibly after you have your splash screen displayed).


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March 27, 2018

Yes: The question was for INT070AFT. Looks like the way forward is to wait a few second until the screen is showing correct image and hereafter turning on the +5V on pin 39.

Thanks for your fast response

Tommy Andersen