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Flickering on transition


I am getting some issues when doing transitions on this display.

I think this has to do with the external frequency, since the "flickering" or weird behavior seem to be impacted by the frequency.

I am trying to drive the screen using the RGB 16 bits interface and SPI interface to set the registers.

Currently the frequency is set to 6.35MHz at 70Hz the PCDIV register is set to 4 and there is no fosc division.

I also tried :

  • 8.6MHz at 90Hz PCDIV at 6 and the "flickering" was definetly worst.
  • I could not make it work at 12.7MHz at 70Hz with a fosc/2 though PCDIV at 9.

You will find my configuration in attachement.

I don't really know where this issue could come from.

Thanks for your help.



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June 11, 2020


Our design center has the answers common questions for the display, including initilization code.

Design Center (select DT028CTFT):

Init Code (Including the settings you requested):

I hope this helps.


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June 17, 2020

Hi and thank you for your answer and for the init code,

I think I found a solution to this problem that it seems has more to do about my MCU configuration.



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June 17, 2020

That's great Alex.