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LCD Backlight

i've been able to build a backlight driver circuit couple of months ago and been able to test to make sure its working for the 7" LCD screen before i post the drawing and parts. so this is my design case someone wants to drive the backlights. these are the components i used, and a drawing attached

component company part number

C1 = 1uf Kemet C0603C105M4RACTU
C2 = 4.7uf Kemet C0603C475K8PACTU
C3 = 0.22uf Kemet T491A224K035AT
R3 = 1.1 KOA Speer RK73H2ATTD1R10F
R7 = 10K KOA Speer RK73B1ETTP103J (used as weak pull down)
L2 = 10uh Bourns SRP7030-100FM (Power Inductors 3.5amp 60mohms)
D1 = schottky Bourns CD214A-B330LF
U1 = TPS61165 Texas Instrument

these are the components i used to run the backlight keep in mind all are surface mount and i havent used the PWM for dimming yet