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Please would you be kind enough to provide answers to the following

  • What is the difference between DT022BTFT and DT022CTFT? Does DT022CTFT come with touch screen feature?
  • Is the driver IC ILI9341V built into the modules?
  • Is the backlight built into DT022BTFT and DT022CTFT?
  • Do you have a breakout board with SEA8058-45 connector for development work. If so, please would you provide a quote and lead time.
  • Can you recommend an EMI window?


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May 20, 2019

Hi Mira, thank you for posting in our forum! Below are answers to your questions. If you need additional assistance please feel free to contact me directly at

1) Our DT022CTFT uses the same LCD glass (240x320 resolution, same active area, etc.) but uses a specially slim designed backlight that fits in a 1U rack.

2) Yes, the ILI9341V is a COG IC connected to the display.

3) Yes, the backlight is built into the display module. It is directly behind the LCD glass.

4) Unfortunately we do not currently have a development board for these 2 displays.

5) We cannot recommend an EMI window.