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Double checking: VLCD 14.5V or 18V?

I'm in the midst of designing a circuit around the S128240D. I've decided to go with an external Vlcd due to the comments on this forum. Everyone seems to use an 18V external supply with this LCD, but the data sheet says that the typical Vlcd should be 14.5V, maximum 15V. Can someone confirm that 18V is the desired Vlcd?


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December 20, 2011

We recommend a correct Vlcd of 15.5V. FYI, we measured our demo box and for optimum contrast we are seeing the following;

1) Pin #20 VDD 3.02392VDC

2) Pin #30 VLCD 15.6840VDC

3) Pin #35 V0OUT 15.7793VDC

4) Pin #36 V0IN 15.5840VDC