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Blank Screen - Backlight issue suggests check VDDD is exactly 1.2V

I think the VDDD 1.2V should be generated on the INT043BTFT board itself but I dont appear to have a voltage here at all.  Do I need to provide 1.2V to the board?


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November 13, 2019


The INT043BTFT needs to be powered externally with power on pins 2, 3, and 4. The recommended voltages are listed in the datasheet. You also need to provide 5V on pin 38 for the backlight. Take a look at the EMB043INTDEMO board datasheet in the Development Boards section of the Displaytech website. The datasheet has a schematic of the demo board that shows how power is derived. Also consider purchasing the EMB043INTDEMO board as it makes development much easier.