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64128N module backlight characteristics

we want to use the 64128N module in our design in SPI mode.

So far what we did was to close J3 to be in serial mode, then, we pulled the unused signals to Vcc (pins 3, 6 -13). We have done that by bridging the signals on the SMD pads.

Is there any plan from Displaytech to sell a serial I/F only 64128N module with a 10-pin connector ?

Concerning the backlight : the datasheet specifies 20 mA of current under 3.2V. On a 64128K module, it is 60mA (3 LEDs in parallel I guess). Is it a typo or the 64128N backlight more efficient ?

Moreover, by mistake, we ran the backlight following the 64128K spec and we had 40mA under 3.7V.

Can we get the I/V characteristic of the LED ?


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March 28, 2011

The easiest way to get the VI curve is to measure them via two multimeters, one will be measuring the current while the other one will be measuring the LED voltage. However, please exercise care not to over drive the LED while you are doing that.

I would correct your driving voltage to stay within the specified voltage and current level to ensure the LED life is not compromised.