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3 Pixel limitation when writing to DDRAM

I have been using the S128240D for a while and one of the issues I have is that I have to write data in groups of 3 pixels 3B3P in my case. The problem is when I write a section of a line and I have to start or finish on a pixel that isn't a multiple of 3. I have to keep writing over what was on the screen until I make my group of 3 pixels.
Am I missing something? is there an easy way to modify 1 pixel?
Failing that has anyone tried writing some smart code that will read the group of 3 pixels then modify as necessary and write it back?


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December 2, 2010

As far as I know, the pixels must always be modified in blocks of three. I think the display handles the pixels internally in a '3 pixels / 16 bits' mode no matter how you write them. I haven't tried the reading back though.