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162F not initialising with Arduino mega


I having trouble with a 162F display whereby I cannot get it to display anything. I have adjusted the bias pot for the display across the whole range of voltages - no joy.  

The Arduino code, liberary and circuit work fine with another make of 16 x 2 display.


so if the Arduino code is good

the circuit is good

the bias has been adjusted over whole range

the liberary may be where I am falling down if the initialisation timings / settings are not quite rightful this display.

any help from anyone much appreciated beginning to lose sleep on this one



Les Collier



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November 22, 2019


We are not familiar with the Ardunio library.

The 162F uses one of the 2 LCD drivers avaialbe in our knowledge center (and as called out in the datasheet).


I applogize that I don't have example code for you. These module have been around forever... maybe the Ardunio library uses a different controller?


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November 23, 2019

I am away from my workbench for the next few weeks , I will shoot a video when I get back in an attempt to prove the wiring is correct 


Merry Xmas