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128240D FC BW-3 operation in SPI Mode

We are planning on using the Displaytech 128240D FC BW-3 display for an upcoming project. After browsing through the datasheet, we are uncertain as to each pin function since the datasheet provides limited detail.

In particular, we need clarification regarding operating the display in SPI mode. From the provided schematic, the IF1,IF2,IF3 pins are strapped in a 110 configuration ( However, there is no definition or description provided that indicates the required voltage levels on each pin to operate the display in SPI mode. Also, when operating in SPI mode, can the parallel bus lines be left open/floating?

Can anyone provide additional details for the following: 

  1. Required schematic/pinout to operate in SPI mode
  2. Recommended capacitor values
  3. Reference schematic designs/guidance to aid in implementation of the display (if possible).

We look forward to using this display, assuming we can resolve some of these questions.


tonyu21523's picture
August 30, 2019

Information has been found. No additional support required as of now.