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Embedded Demonstration Board for 5.7" INT TFT Driver Board

Demo Board for Driver Board with 5.7" TFT Display

Compatible Driver Boards INT057ATFT
External Connectors Mini USB 2.0 and 6-Pin header for Microchip PICKit 3
Microcontroller Microchip PIC32MX460F512L
Storage Memory On-board 2Mbit SPI Flash and SD Card Slot
Power Supply Voltage Required 5V (from USB)
Demonstration board for 5.7" integrated embedded driver board

The Displaytech EMB057INTDEMO is a demonstration board for the Displaytech INT057ATFT 5.7 inch integrated driver board. The EMB057INTDEMO is controlled by a Microchip PIC32MX460F512L MCU and includes a USB connection, 2M byte SPI flash, and an SD card slot.

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