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128240C-RGB Graphic LCD Module

240x128 Graphic LCD Display with RGB Backlight

Display Resolution 240 x 128
Viewing Angle 6 o'clock or 12 o'clock
Display Connector FPC
LCD Driver IC Sitronix ST7529
Module Size (w x h x d) 77.4 x 52.4 x 9.3 mm
View Area (w x h) 70 x 35 mm
Pixel Size 0.22 x 0.22 mm
Driving Method 1/144 Duty, 1/12 Bias
Operating Temperature Wide (-20 ~ 70°C)
Backlight Supply Voltage 3.2V
Backlight Current 80 mA
monochrome LCD graphic display module 240 x 128 with Red Green Blue LED backlight and gray scale ability

Our 128240C monochrome graphic LCD module has a viewing area of 70 x 35 mm and offers grey-scale performance. The S128240C is the same mechanical size as our S64128M, however it has a slightly narrower viewing area due to the higher resolution. This LCD is widely used in industries such as home automation and test and measurement equipment. The COG IC is the Sitronix ST7529. This LCD has a FPC interface.

The ST7529 is a driver & controller LSI for 32 gray scale graphic dot-matrix liquid crystal display systems. It generates 255 Segment and 160 Common driver circuits. This chip is connected directly to a microprocessor, accepts Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 8-bit/16-bit parallel or IIC display data and stores in an on-chip display data RAM. It performs display data RAM read/write operation with no external operating clock to minimize power consumption. In addition, because it contains power supply circuits necessary to drive liquid crystal, it is possible to make a display system with the fewest components.

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